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About InRO Podcasts


Some of our contributors have the gift of gab, and they’ve put that to good use in podcast form. A few of years ago, we introduced End of Radio, a music podcast hosted by Music Editor Jordan Cronk and (usually) his cohort Brian Webster. This year, we introduce the very DIY Bad Idea Podcast, tentatively geared toward film-related subjects and hosted by Simon Abrams and Staff Writer Steve Carlson. Look for even more podcasts to be added in the coming months. —SCM

Film Podcasts


Music Podcasts


End of Radio

InRO’s longest running podcast, End of Radio has seen a revolving door of co-hosts and guests sitting opposite founder/InRO Music Editor Jordan Cronk since its inception some three years ago. As of late 2010, however, Brian Webster—also the show’s original co-host—has taken a more permanent role. He and Jordan continue to bring their listeners highlights from the fringes of the indie-rock landscape and beyond, dedicating special shows to whole genres, labels and bands. New episodes posted every other week.

Recent Episodes:

  1.     #42: The Best 30 Albums of 2012 (Part II: 15-1)

  2.     #41: The Best 30 Albums of 2012 (Part I: 30-16)

  3.     #40: Guys Who Got a Headache and Accidentally Saved the World

  4.     #39: The Best Albums of 2011

  5.     #38: Before and Again (Folk IV: 2000-2009)

Bad Idea Podcast

The brainchild of two morons—Simon Abrams and Steve Carlson—that should know better, but clearly don’t, the Bad Idea Podcast represents these two brave, but very stupid individuals’ attempt at finding treasure in the least likely places of the filmic world. Topics of discussion on this fledging InRO film podcast tend to cover a broad spectrum: from why Herschell Gordon Lewis apparently matters, Captain America on film, and any good excuse to get Steve to rewatch Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla. New episodes posted monthly.

Recent Episodes:

  1.     #29: Stars and Gripes Forever

  2.     #28: Christ Almighty: The Many Faces of Jesusploitation

  3.     #27: “Many Experts Believe...”: Speculative & Conspiracy Pseudo-Documentaries 

  4.     #26: This Ain’t Pleasure: Offbeat Choices for Valentine’s Day Viewing    

  5.     #25: This Is a Podcast About Total War

Some Kind of Jam

After three years at WIDR 89.1fm, Some Kind of Jam made the transition into weekly podcasting. Though the show started mainly as a tribute to jam bands and the culture that follows them, it's now more free form, spanning nearly every genre with more artists and sounds being added by the day. The weekly playlist is tailored for music lovers of nearly every ilk, with sounds varying from afrobeat and rock to bluegrass and folk, soul and jazz to country and blues, house and funk to rockabilly and R&B, and more. New episodes posted weekly.

Recent Episodes:

  1.     #45: As Long As It Takes

  2.     #44: Broken Train

  3.     #43: A New Error

  4.     #42: Revenge

  5.     #41: Monoliths

Breaking the Airwaves

A film podcast affiliated with In Review Online and hosted by its Editor-in-Chief (Sam C. Mac) and Film Editor (Luke Gorham). Breaking the Airwaves covers films old and new, with special sections devoted to current releases, classic directors, and comprehensive cataloguing of previous years in film (starting with the 1990s). This podcast’s stated goal is to make something its hosts “would like to listen to,” which entails a concentrated effort to bridge contemporary and retrospective cinema. New episodes posted monthly. Probably.

Recent Episodes:

  1.     #01: I’ll Send You a Photo

Chasing Gold

Chasing Gold consists of both a weekly feature and podcast dedicated to following the Oscar race. Each installment will be colored by both our nostalgic attachment to, and recurrent disenchantment with, the awards, and will discuss one category in-depth, as well as another in the form of a list. The podcast portion will briefly cover these categories as well, but will focus more extensively on a handful of different films and their respective Oscar potential.

Recent Episodes:

  1.     #11: Week 15 - Special Episode: Our Oscar Predictions - The Winners

  2.     #10: Week 12 - Special Episode: Oscar Recap - The Nominations

  3.     #09: Week 11 - Special Episode: Our Oscar Predictions - The Nominations

  4.     #08: Week 10 - Special Episode: Our Oscar Nominations

  5.     #07: Week 9 - Best Picture and Best Director / War Horse / Young Adult


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