...will feature the results of our predictions and battle for prognoscarcation supremacy, as well as commentary on the nominations.


About: Chasing Gold consists of both a weekly feature and podcast dedicated to following the Oscar race. Each installment will be colored by both our nostalgic attachment to, and recurrent disenchantment with, the awards, and will discuss one category in-depth, as well as another in the form of a list. The podcast portion will briefly cover these categories as well, but will focus more extensively on a handful of different films and their respective Oscar potential. Suggestions, questions and comments are welcome, and can be sent to chasinggoldpodcast@gmail.com

This Week’s Podcast:

Time Breakdown


    Intro: You Know, Like In ‘Blossom’


    Awards Recap: Globe Winners


    Predictions: Sound, Visual F/X, Makeup,
    Costumes, Art Direction, Editing


    Predictions: Song, Score, Documentary,
    Foreign, Animated, Cinematography


    Predictions: Writing, Acting, Director, Film


    Outro: He’s Playing With a Toy

This Week’s Feature:

Our Oscar Predictions - The Nominations