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About: We are a film podcast affiliated with In Review Online and hosted by its Editor-in-Chief (Sam C. Mac) and Film Editor (Luke Gorham). We cover films old and new, with special sections devoted to current releases, classic directors, and comprehensive cataloguing of previous years in film. Our stated goal is to make something “we would like to listen to,” which entails a concentrated effort to bridge contemporary and retrospective cinema. Look for new episodes each month. Probably.

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Sam C. Mac

Editor-in-Chief of In Review Online. Has an unhealthy thing for Rihanna. Believes Tony Scott to be a great filmmaker.

Luke Gorham

Film Editor of In Review Online. Has enthusiasm for literature and laziness. Really digs those three movies about walking.

Next Month’s Show...

...will hopefully bring our takes on “The Tree of Life” and “Beginners,” for Currents. In Discoveries, we plan to look at three films by Japanese director Nagisa Oshima.